Sustainable Events

Sustainable Events is a sub-theme of Sustainable Development.

Integrating sustainability into event management involves the consideration of sustainable development risks and opportunities in planning, organization and implementation of, and participation in, an event. It is relevant to any organization that is involved in hosting an event, not just the event organizer, and can be used by any organization that wishes to consider the sustainability impacts of its operations.



Using a sustainable event management standard helps organizations plan events in a sustainable way, from small business meetings to events as large as the Olympic and Paralympic Games. The standard provides a system for continual improvement, giving suppliers and customers confidence that events will address environmental and social risks and opportunities as well as being profitable.


Links to standards related to this sub-theme

BS ISO 20121

Event sustainability management systems. Requirements with guidance for use.


Links to related support material

BIP 2176

Making events more sustainable. Guide to BS 8901.