Greenhouse Gas Offsetting

Greenhouse gas offsetting is a sub-theme of greenhouse gas management.

Greenhouse gas (GHG) offsetting, also known as ‘carbon offsetting’, is the reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made to compensate for emissions made elsewhere. There are two markets for carbon offsets – the larger, compliance market (companies, governments, or other entities buy carbon offsets in order to comply with caps on the total amount of carbon dioxide they are allowed to emit), and a much smaller, voluntary market where individuals, companies, or governments purchase carbon offsets to mitigate their own GHG emissions from transportation, electricity use, and other sources.


Standards for GHG offsetting deal with GHG offsetting projects, the quality and credibility of which is sometimes questioned. Offsetting is not the sole subject of BSI-led GHG management standardization. However, GHG offsetting features in PAS 2060 on carbon neutrality.

Links to standards related to GHG Offsetting

PAS 2060

Specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality.

PAS 2080

Carbon management in infrastructure.