GLOBALG.A.P (previously EUREPGAP) is the European Retailers standard for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which encourages the adoption of commercially viable farm assurance schemes that promote sustainable agriculture and the minimization of agro-chemical inputs.  

The European Retailers Group has created and implemented a series of sector specific farm certification standards in response to the demands of clients, retailers and their global suppliers.

Aim of Global G.A.P

The aim is to ensure integrity, transparency and harmonization of global agricultural standards. This includes the requirements for safe food that is produced respecting:

  • Worker’s health 
  • Safety and welfare 
  • Environmental
  • Sustainable land use

BSI is certified to audit the GLOBAL G.A.P Fruit and Vegetable Protocol. Typically, GLOBAL G.A.P audits require two days to complete and we have GLOBAL G.A.P approved auditors available to conduct these assessments.  

Benefits of GLOBALG.A.P

The benefits of GLOBALG.A.P certification include:

  • Improves processes and practices up to the farm gate 
  • Helps motivate your workforce 
  • Leads to improved facilities, training and working conditions 
  • Can improve productivity  
  • Encourages sound environmentally farming practices
  • Improves management practices