How standards can help to secure IT networks

British Standards contain the combined knowledge of experienced UK subject experts often working together with their international collegues in an open,  consensous-based process.

You can read a description of these standards and some other relevant publications that are available from BSI or other organizations below:

Standard number/name Description/Benefits Published by
BS ISO/IEC 27002 Code of practice for information security controls Has a section covering network security management and information transfer. This should be sufficient for simple networks, for example, where there are just computers connected to a wired router with a broadband internet connection. BSI
BS ISO/IEC 27033-1 Network security. Overview and concepts This is the introduction to the multi-part network security standard BS ISO/IEC 27033. It provides significant detail about most network security issues and answers many questions small-business owners and managers may have about network security strategy and technologies. BSI
BS ISO/IEC 27033-2 Guidelines for the design and implementation of network security This part of BS ISO/IEC 27033 identifies network security requirements. It contains very little on designing and implementing networks and thus is more suitable for those people who manage network design and procurement rather than actual network designers. BSI
BS ISO/IEC 27033-3 Network security. Reference networking scenarios. Threats, design techniques and control issues This is the part of the 27033 series of standards that deals with secure network design. It describes numerous user scenarios where networks are employed and then identifies the threats, design techniques and control issues associated with each. BSI
BS ISO/IEC 27033-4 Securing communications between networks using security gateways This is the part of BS ISO/IEC 27033 that gives detailed technical guidance about firewalls and other gateway security devices such as routers. BSI
BS ISO/IEC 27033-5 Securing communications across networks using Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) This part of BS ISO/IEC 27033 gives detailed technical guidance about using Virtual Private Networks. BSI
NIST SP 800-114, User’s Guide to Securing External Devices for Telework and Remote Access If you are concerned about limiting remote access to your network by devices owned by other people this is a good place to start. This is a free special publication from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology US National Institute of Standards and Technology