BRC Food Safety (Issue 7) Certification with BSI

What is the BRC Food Safety Certification Standard?

Food Safety

The BRC (commonly referred to as The British Retail Consortium) Global Standard for Food Safety is regarded as a benchmark for compliance to good practice in food industry standards; and is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognised Standard. 

The BRC Food Safety Standard BRC Food Safety is the leading GFSI certification scheme in the UK, with many UK retailers preferring their tier 1 suppliers to hold a BRC Food Safety certificate. The British Standards Institution (BSI) is an approved certification body for BRC Global Standards certification schemes, and provides audits and training against the BRC Food Safety Standard.

How is a BRC Food Safety Audit Graded?

A BRC Food Safety Audit can be conducted as either announced or unannounced. 

Announced BRC Food Safety Audits are graded A-D, and U (uncertified). If a U is attained, re-audit is required before certification can be awarded. Grades A-D are awarded on the basis of the number and severity of corrective actions identified in the BRC Food Safety audit. 

Food Manufacturers and Suppliers can achieve a higher BRC audit grade of AA+ in an unannounced BRC Food Safety Audit. All audit grades (other than U) attained via an unannounced audit will gain a ‘+’ to the letter of the audit grade. Some companies prefer their suppliers to comply to unannounced audits, and others (including retailers) mandate unannounced audits as a requirement for their suppliers.