What are Eurocodes?

The Eurocodes are seen as leading the way in structural codes. Their flexibility enables adoption and use not only within Europe, but internationally. Adoption of Eurocodes in the UK Building Regulations, the Highways Agency and Network Rail, means that the basis for structural and geotechnical design within the UK has now shifted from withdrawn British Standards to European standards (Eurocodes). 

The primary objectives of the Eurocodes are to: 

  • Provide common design criteria and methods of meeting necessary requirements for mechanical resistance, stability and resistance to fire, including aspects of durability and economy

  • Provide a common understanding regarding the design of structures between owners, operators and users, designers, contractors and manufacturers of construction products

  • Facilitate the marketing and use of structural components and kits in EU Members States
  • Be a common basis for research and development, in the construction industry

  • Increase the competitiveness of the European civil engineering firms, contractors, designers and product manufacturers in their global activities

Eurocodes PLUS is a digital version of the latest Eurocodes and extended content set, complete with search, save and support functions.

As an engineer, you need to have all of the latest Eurocodes at your fingertips when you’re designing new buildings or structures. Yet finding and cross-referencing the standards the old-fashioned way can be complex, time-consuming and confusing: particularly if you are more familiar with British Standards.

Eurocodes PLUS digitizes all 25,000 pages of the Eurocodes content set, complete with a host of functions to make these essential design standards easier to use and understand than ever before.

It enables you to search for the standards you need, then paste them into your own document, complete with the XML links to all necessary cross-references.

Just as importantly, it provides expert guidance where the Eurocodes allow for a degree of flexibility, and the ability to add your comments to every document, as well as to receive comments from colleagues.

There is simply no better way to organise your notes and optimize your design time.