Webinar: The Power of Essential Cyber Security Controls

Webinar: The Power of Essential Cyber Security Controls

Our speakers, Dr Houra Mozaffar, Project Manager at ..., Douglas MacLachlan, Technical Director at Falcon Foodservice Equipment, 


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In recent years, the Global Cybersecurity Landscape has seen an increase in threats.

A cyber attack occurred in 39% of UK businesses in 2022, of which 31% say they were attacked at least once a week.

The increasing threat and cost to organizations globally means more are taking cyber security seriously. 75% of SMBs (small and medium businesses) agree that cyber security concerns now need action to be taken, with 78% saying they will increase investment in cyber security in the next 12 months. *

It is crucial to know what business security and controls need to be implemented to protect your business against Cyber attacks.

During this webinar, we will help you understand the landscape and requirements of the Cyber Essentials certification and help you take your first step to improve your cyber security.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn

  • What are the crucial business security and controls?

  • How you can protect your business from cyber attacks 

  • What are the benefits of achieving the Cyber Essentials Certification?

Our experts, Ross McAllister, Channel Account Manager at Cyber Smart, and Dion Allen, Certification Manager at BSI, will take you through the latest market developments and will help you understand the process and support you can get by choosing Cyber Essentials with us.


*AAG IT-The latest 2023 Cyber Crime Statistics