Public Committee Meetings for ISO 45001 and ISO 9004

iso 45001 and iso 9004 public Committee Meetings

  • ISO 45001 Public Committee Meeting - June 13
  • ISO 9004 Public Committee Meeting - June 15
  • ISO 45001 Standards Commenting Workshop -  June 14, 10.00-12.30
  • ISO 9004 Standards Commenting Workshop - June 14, 14.00-16.30

Location: Swansea University

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In collaboration with Swansea University's School of Management, we are hosting three days of Public Committee Meetings and Standards Commenting Workshops to give stakeholders the opportunity to learn more about the latest drafts of two very important international standards.

ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management systems will be discussed on 13 June, whilst ISO 9004 Quality management - Quality of an organization - Guidance to achieve sustained success will be the focus of a meeting on 15 June.

This is your opportunity to directly question the UK experts involved in the drafting of ISO 45001 and ISO 9004.

Join us at these free to attend Public Committee Meetings in which you will:
  • Hear about key changes from the last draft of ISO 45001 and 9004
  • Debate potential issues for the UK
  • Plan how we will contribute in the final drafting stage of these standards

You can also join us at the free Commenting Workshops on the 14 June, two practical sessions with a brief introduction to the process of commenting and on how to comment effectively followed by a practical workshop examining a part of 45001 or 9004 and formulating comments for consideration by the UK experts.