Barany Sothirajah - AMDEA and UK IEC YP representative at IEC Minsk 2015

Barany SothirajahThe IEC Young Professional (YP) Programme was attended by over 60 young professionals and it was a unique experience to be with so many bright electro technical professionals from across the world. 

The environment created by the IEC YP programme organizers made networking so natural, enjoyable and easy, through various opportunities such as dinners and breakfast with experienced committee members from national committees. Making these key contacts early on in our careers can open doors to the world of standardization. 

Belarus was a fascinating country to visit and the 2015 IEC meeting was well organized with amazing opening and closing ceremonies (the former attended by the President of Belarus). I chaired a standard development committee for a mock product (baby robot) – this was introduced for the first time this year. Having been involved in standard meetings work for AMDEA, I found this to be a true representation of a standards development meeting.

I have been working in standards development for the past year and I found this programme to be an excellent starting point if you want to get involved with standards early in your career. Young professionals help make developments more responsive to the cutting-edge needs of industry. Being involved in standards development teaches you so many soft skills such as negotiation, communication and even the opportunity to network with competitors.

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