What are the impacts on material efficiency of energy-related products? BSI needs your view

Free event

Date: Friday 2 October 2015 (14.00 - 17.00)

Location: BSI Group, 389 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 4AL

The European Commission are drafting a revised standardization request (SR) to support the Ecodesign Directive, promoting increased material efficiency of energy-related products. The SR covers:

  • Extending product lifetime
  • Ability to re-use components or recycle materials from products at end-of life
  • Ability to recover energy from products at end-of life
  • Use of re-used components and/or recycled materials in products

The products covered by this SR are truly diverse from construction products to boilers, domestic appliances to medical devices, any product that consumes energy could be affected raising questions about operational and safety impacts. 

As the SR itself is unlikely to change any further at this point, BSI needs the views of UK stakeholders to inform our vote on the next iteration of this European ballot.

By attending this stakeholder forum you will:

  • Develop a greater understanding of what standardization requests are and how they impact the development of standards
  • Hear about the development of the standardization requet on material efficiency
  • Have an opportunity to represent the view of your industry to BSI
  • Be able to engage in discussion with other stakeholders

What are the impacts of material efficiency on energy-related products? BSI needs your view.


13.30   Registration and coffee
14.00   Welcome and introduction
John Devaney, Standards Publishing Manager, BSI 
14.10   What are standardization requests, how are they developed and approved?
Martin Danvers, Head of Technical Policy, BSI 
14.40   Background to the material efficiency standardization request
Richard Hughes, Convenor of ECO-CG TF4 Resource Efficiency, responsible for coordinating responses to the material efficiency of energy-related products standardization request
15.10   Coffee and networking
15.30   Roundtable discussion
With a BSI facilitator, tables to discuss the standardization request and develop their views in consultation with other stakeholders to build a consensus
16.30   Closing session
Collation of comments and the report on the roundtable discussions 
17.00   Close