Delivering approval schemes that promote consumer trust

Free event

Date: Monday 15 June 2015 (10.00-14.00)

Location: BIS Conference Centre, 1 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0ET

There are many different approval schemes in the UK that offer assessment, ratings or reviews of products and services, in a bid to promote consumer confidence and gain trust. 

Research shows that trust schemes can be extremely influential in purchasing decisions, and consumers are increasingly reliant on reviews. But the wide variety of ‘marks’, codes of practice and approval schemes can be confusing for consumers and traders alike. 

How do they know which schemes they can trust? What should they look for in a good scheme? And how can scheme providers ensure quality, inspire confidence and stand out from the crowd? 

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), as lead for the Consumer Protection Partnership (CPP), has asked British Standards (BSI) to help identify common challenges faced by scheme providers, traders and consumers, and explore whether these could be addressed by a new BSI standard. 

Please join our free stakeholder workshop in London on Monday 15 June to share your views and experiences. This highly interactive workshop offers you the unique opportunity to:

  • Develop a set of general principles that could be applied to all good approval schemes
  • Identify different types of scheme and how they might be categorized
  • Establish common challenges faced by scheme providers and discuss ‘best practice’ solutions 
  • Determine delivery of approval schemes that increase consumer trust
  • Shape the content of the future standard

Provisional Agenda



Registration (coffee and tea available)


Chair's welcome and opening remarks

  • Overview of the approval schemes landscape

The National Standards Body Approach

  • Facilitation, consultation and consensus
  • Schemes, standards, codes, guidance, technical regulations whats the difference?
Scott Steedman, Director of Standards, BSI 

Is there a need for change?

  • Consumer confusion
  • Potential for consumer detriment

Melissa Dring, Director of Policy, TSI on behalf of the Consumer Protection Partnership (CPP)


Interactive group session

  • What are the real challenges faced by those managing and using approval schemes? 

How to win consumer trust

  • The concepts and principles of building consumer trust
  • What consumers want and need from approval schemes

Arnold Pindar, Chair, National Consumer Federation (NCF)


Interactive group session 

  • Solutions to common challenges
  • Industry best practice

Working Lunch


Interactive group session

  • Types of scheme: is it possible to categorise different types of approval scheme? What are the key characteristics of each 'type'?
  • Main sections: key issues to be addressed in the standard

Chair's Summary

  • What next
  • Your role

Workshop close