Whistleblowing: policy and practical solutions to aid enterprise – workshop

Free event

Date: Wednesday 2 July 2014 (09.30-14.30)

LocationChurch House Conference Centre, Westminster, London, SW1P 3NZ

In the last year whistleblowing has hit the headlines in almost every sector ranging from banking, health, media, pharmaceuticals and public service. With this in mind and given the Government's current review of whistleblowing arrangements led by the whistleblowing charity Public Concern at Work (PCaW), BSI and PCaW will be running a workshop to get feedback on the current BSI standard for whistleblowing, PAS 1998 Whistleblowing Arrangements Code of Practice.

The workshop will review the current guidance – which covers roll-out, policies, arrangements, audit and review – and assess whether it needs to be updated, refreshed or improved.

In exploring the potential legislative changes recommended by the Whistleblowing Commission, the workshop will also aim to tease out any areas of tension around this and around self-regulation for example PAS 1998.

This is your opportunity to take part in the discussion and have a hand in shaping guidance and best practice on whistleblowing arrangements.

At the workshop you will:

  • Gain an understanding to the background of PAS 1998 and the work of PCaW and the Whistleblowing Commission
  • Find out about the latest recommendations to Government and its current response
  • Get a briefing from a member of the Whistleblowing Commission
  • Hear an update on the progress of international whistleblowing practices
  • Take part in an interactive session to reflect on specific whistleblowing issues that organizations face, to help formulate the type of solutions that they’d find useful

Agenda to follow

09.00   Registration, tea and coffee
09.30   Welcome
13.30   Lunch
14.30   Close