Store, access and control policies, processes and procedures in one single place, as well as manage training records to control competence.


Take control of your valuable information assets

Your competency and knowledge management tool


  • Automate the lifecycle of documents, saving you time and resource
  • Powerful analytics on competency tracking, providing real-time visibility
  • Effective version control, e-signatures and revision history, helping to demonstrate compliance with regulations
  • Prove adherence and competency to policies and procedures, by connecting different documents and procedures to training courses
  • Instant access to information to meet individual business roles
  • Best practice information management approach, highlighting issues, updates and outstanding actions so you can respond and drive performance

Be more agile - take control of your information assets and improve your business effectiveness with Entropy software.  

Key features

Confidently manage and report on your business policies, legal registers, assets and competency logs. With user friendly features, dashboards and reports you’ll be able to:

  • have a single knowledge base for all your information, including legal register
  • access the latest versions of documents, procedures and records
  • connect and track training processes upon publication
  • set security features to manage approvals, like dual passwords and expiration, encryption and certification
  • schedule and record meetings to help reduce administration time

Next steps

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Knowledge is one of the modules you can select from our Entropy software. Read more about our compliance and incident modules that also help you to manage your business frameworks.