Log, track, analyse and report incidents from across your organization.

Improve your Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHSE) performance with our incident management tool

Preconfigured templates enable efficient logging, tracking and reporting across your business and to external regulators. Be it accidents, spills, customer complaints and more, BSI’s Incident module can be configured to meet your needs.


Your incident management and injury reduction tool


  • Reduce reoccurrence of incidents through consistent root cause investigations and corrective actions
  • Gain efficiencies through automated task allocation and progress updates
  • Personalise your KPIs, create relevant incident classifications and monitor your performance
  • Improve your incident response time, helping to protect your brand
  • Get a consistent, integrated framework to align quality, environmental, and health and safety standards and requirements
  • Improve your ability to monitor risk and liability incidents, reducing costs, disruption and penalties
  • Compare your incident data, enabling trend analysis and effective, timely decision-making
  • Simplify compliance to standards, regulations, and/or internal business reporting requirements

Be a responsible organization by putting incident management at the heart of your organization with Entropy software.  

Key features

Have confidence in your compliance programmes. With user friendly features, dashboards and reports you’ll be able to:

  • analyse performance by site and incident type
  • measure performance against goals you set
  • align with your compliance needs
  • get a consistent overview to share with stakeholders

Next steps

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Incident is one of the modules you can select from our Entropy software. Read more about our compliance and knowledge modules that also help you to manage your business frameworks.