Delivering real-time insight on all your audits, actions and automated compliance activities.

Get more visibility and control over your compliance programme

 Get more visibility and control

Your risk and compliance management tool


  • Automate tasks and ensure timely close-out of actions
  • Streamline compliance processes and improve efficiency
  • Increase visibility of critical compliance information across your organization through user-friendly dashboards and reports
  • Deliver analytics on non-conformities, providing actionable perspective to prevent costly results
  • Support implementation of new management systems or processes, including integration
  • Empower identification of trends and performance comparison
  • Improve the collection, capture and reporting of audit data

Embed a robust compliance programme so it’s an integral part of how you do business with Entropy software

Key features

Have confidence in your compliance programmes. With user friendly features, dashboards and reports you’ll be able to:

  • schedule, plan and conduct audits
  • identify non-conformances and observations
  • easily track, close and/or escalate related actions
  • analyse real-time reports on audit and compliance
  • obtain a complete view of the compliance landscape

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