Packaged solution packs a punch; how Lenco PMC benefits from Entropy

Lenco PMC is a precision manufacturer of bespoke plastic packaging designs, employing over 100 employees at a single site in Nebraska. The company first achieved certification to the quality management system standard ISO 9001 in the 1990s and, as customers increasingly wanted to work with ISO 9001-certified suppliers, it renewed certification in 2010.

In overseeing its quality processes, Lenco did not want to undermine its lean business model by taking on additional staff and creating a mass of paperwork. Instead, it opted for Entropy to automate the workload, as part of a solutions package from BSI that also included ISO 9001 certification and user training. As Sean McGee, Plant Manager, explains, “Entropy was built around the ISO 9001 standard, and it addressed all of our major requirements.”

Lenco was able to implement Entropy and become registered in only six months, even though all of its ISO 9001 documentation needed to be rewritten. Ten employees attended BSI’s training, which prepared them to do self-audits and drive improvements as implementation progressed. Entropy also allowed Lenco to set-up the system to meet its specific needs, for example, re-labelling some modules in more familiar terminology. “It was very easy to configure Entropy to do what we wanted,” says McGee.

Lenco soon saw benefits. The ability to scan all documents into the system has streamlined workflow, with any user able to access any document or information with ease. Every nonconformity is recorded and cross-referenced in Entropy. “Everything is searchable and people can very quickly find the trail of anything that happened in any given situation,” says McGee. The company also uses the system to perform audits. “Entropy has massively simplified the process for us. Auditors just sit at the computer and pull up all the evidence and history they need.”

Looking ahead, ISO 9001 requires performance measurements relating to where the company is today, where it wants to be, and how it plans to get there. “When we create an action plan to achieve quality goals, Entropy creates a process of review and ongoing evaluation. It ties everything together,” says McGee. Staff receive notifications from the system to help them stay focused on driving their assigned duties forward, bringing organization and discipline to the business. “They have embraced ISO 9001 more fully than expected because Entropy makes their jobs easier. Having all the information they need in one place has removed the typical barriers to making this kind of substantial, company-wide change.”