Healthy prospects; how HCPC benefits from Entropy

The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) is the statutory regulator for 16 health and care professions in the UK, covering over 300,000 practitioners, from physiotherapists and speech therapists to chiropodists and radiographers. Set up in 2003, the Council’s main purpose is to protect the public by keeping a Register of health and care professionals, who must meet its required standards for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health. The organization has grown significantly in recent years, particularly since August 2012, when it took over the regulation of social workers in England.

Roy Dunn, Head of Business Process Improvement, says HCPC sets out to provide the best quality of service for all its stakeholders. To help it do so, it has long held certification to the Quality Management system standard ISO 9001. “We’re also aiming to achieve certification to the Information Security standard ISO 27001,” says Dunn.

To manage its standards efficiently – and gain the maximum benefit from them – HCPC made the decision to purchase Entropy. “At the moment the whole organization is behind ISO 9001,” says Dunn. “In reality, that means people fit it around their day job. I want to make it more integrated with their day-to-day tasks, using Entropy to capture opportunities for improvement, for example, so people know how to spread good ideas throughout their management chain.”

Dunn continues, “I think the workflow aspect of the solution is particularly useful to small organizations. Being able to push things around the organization automatically, with reminders and escalation chains, is going to be a great help. We’re looking forward to the training, the migration and getting the most out of the whole system.”

BSI currently audits HCPC’s ISO 9001 standard and Dunn is reassured that it is the auditor itself that has “produced something for a specific job that we want the system to do”. He continues, “The main thing is usability and making sure that people can access the processes to see what they need to see and do what they need to do.” He concludes, “I’m not a full-time quality manager, so having a system that enables me to cover all the bases is going to be a great source of comfort.”