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Securing business benefits; how Geoquip Worldwide benefits from Entropy

Geoquip Worldwide is recognized as a global leader in the manufacture of electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems. The Derby and Manchester based company, which employs around 92 people and is part of building materials group CRH, supplies equipment to over 50 countries, and its products are even used to secure Her Majesty’s Crown Jewels. Geoquip has benefited from management system standards since the 1980s, when it first achieved certification to the widely respected Quality Management system standard ISO 9001. In December 2012, it became the first company in the CRH group to become certified to the Environmental Management standard ISO 14001 with the Manchester site achieving certification in 2014. More recently, this site also achieved certification to ISO 9001 in 2015.

But alongside the standards came administrative challenges. These fell heavily upon Jane Meredith, who is not only Quality Manager for Geoquip, but also has responsibility for Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). “I wear several hats so I’m always juggling a wide range of issues and I’m forever trying to keep track of documents,” she says. “The new standard created more admin tasks, so I really needed a system to help me keep on top of everything.”

The powerful Entropy offered Geoquip the solution, providing the functionality and flexibility for the company to get the best possible return from its investment in management system standards. So far, the firm has focused on using Entropy to administer ISO 14001 and Jane is delighted at how it has eased the task. “It’s brilliant,” she exudes. “The system is absolutely spot on – I can’t fault it at all. We have been so pleased with its success that we have recently added systems for ISO 9001 quality management and OHSAS 18001 health and safety management”

She explains how Entropy sends reminders of critical tasks to relevant people – which they have to carry out before the tasks are ‘ticked off’ on the system. “It’s like having a PA,” she says, citing the example of document change notices (DCNs) that require multiple sign-offs before action is taken. “The system does the whole DCN process for me, speeding things up and greatly reducing paper documentation.” By mining Entropy’s “rich and powerful” database, she can identify and analyze trends – for example, increased energy use – and problem areas can quickly be addressed, so improving environmental and business performance. “I’ve set up the ‘dashboard’ how I want it, which gives me great control,” says Jane. “The system also keeps a history, providing great traceability for me, so I can look back at any time.

“Entropy is steadily becoming more embedded in the company, being more widely used by more people, making their lives easier, freeing up their valuable time and making the company more efficient.”