Ship shape for travel business; how ATPI benefits from Entropy

ATPI is a fast-growing travel management company with a network of over 30 offices stretching across all continents. With its own industry-leading technology and pioneering management information, it strives to help clients make better travel procurement decisions, while its global reach enables it to offer them the benefits of increased buying power and seamless service across borders.

ATPI sets itself high standards, including holding certification to the Environmental Management standard ISO 14001. Along with its multinational footprint comes the requirement to ensure that each of its offices complies with legislation in its country of operation. “We needed a system to be able to do that,” explains Philip Jeffs, ATPI’s Regional Compliance Officer. With this aim in mind, the company introduced Entropy in the UK, and over the last three years it has rolled the system out to its other offices around the world.

Jeffs stresses the importance to the company of ensuring that all relevant legislation is being followed. “This includes the UK Bribery Act, which affects us wherever we operate globally. Entropy enables us to prove to our investors, our external partners and our standards auditor, BSI, that we’re fully compliant in all areas of our business,” he says.

“It’s useful to be able to prove our compliance to the BSI auditors using BSI’s own product. It makes life so much easier,” continues Jeffs. “The people who are interfacing with Entropy on a regular basis – auditors, people doing risk assessments, managers needing statistics – they love the system and wonder why we’ve not had it before. Our ‘shop floor’ users – our travel consultants – like it too because it’s simple to use; it’s something they go into every day as part of their normal workload.”

He sums up, “For me, Entropy is the best system available. I’ve come across other products, but I’ve not found anything better.”