BSI Client Portal

Your  Client Portal will provide you with greater visibility of Non-Conformance information, better communication with your BSI assessor and tools to effectively manage BSI non-conformance actions throughout your organization- and it comes at no extra cost as part of your certification services.

What is the BSI Client Portal

Our Certification assessments align with the steps you need to take to understand what best practice is, how to achieve it, and how to ensure that it remains an on-going habit. At our routine assessment visits we will give you verification that you are improving in areas that support your business goals, along with identifying areas that may need improvement.

In order to respond quickly to any highlighted issues, you need clear information to help you decide what immediate and long term actions you need to undertake to fix the problems and prevent potentially costly failures.

The BSI Client Portal – is available at no additional cost to all BSI certification customers. It documents details about any non-conformities that come up during your assessment visits. The BSI Client Portal gives you tools to identify and record the root cause of these findings. This means you get clear visibility of all current and historic non-conformity data, along with the ability to drill down into the information related to individual non-conformities.

In addition, the BSI Client Portal provides you with a corrective action management tool to create and document actions related to your BSI non-conformance. This means your organization can keep records of non-conformance issues, along with what you have done to fix them. Once you have taken action on your non-conformities, they are automatically sent to your auditor for acceptance, and you will be notified of this via email.

This defined process helps you to quickly resolve any BSI non-conformance and prevent costly failures, driving continual business improvement in your organisation.

How it works

Step 1: Your BSI assessment

Your BSI assessor will visit your company and conduct an external assessment, identifying non-conformities and looking at ways to help you improve. On completion, you will meet with them to discuss their findings in principle.

Step 2: Your assessment is published

Your assessor then produces your report, recording findings raised from their visit. These findings are then published to your Client Portal, with clear details and information about the non-conformities raised. Historic non-conformance data is also available in your Client Portal.

Step 3: Access your Client Portal and manage your non-conformities

Your password will be sent via email, allowing you to review the findings and respond, implementing actions on then on-conformities identified in your assessment. Client Portal lets you quickly, and efficiently, manage and centralise your non-conformity actions and automatically submit them to your assessor for approval. Once approved, you will be notified via your Client Portal that your non-conformity has been closed.