The BSI IoT Committee

The BSI IoT Committee is currently focusing on Privacy, Security, Trustworthiness and Protection but the following areas are also within our terms of reference: Interoperability, Resilience, Framework standards/Architectural framework, Semantics and Potential platform for standardised elements.

We constantly revise and define key terms so that we’re all talking the same language.



In the short term we plan to publish a White Paper aimed at UK organizations that gives expert commentary on currently available IoT standards.

Our longer term aim is to develop some de facto standards into British standards; and/or write some British Standards to fill a gap where there is a need.


The International IoT Committee

The BSI IOT committee represents the UK on the International IoT Committee, ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 41, which has working groups on: Architecture, Interoperability, Applications, Wearables, Trustworthiness, Industrial IoT, Edge Computing, Real Time IoT, Aspects of Internet of Things Use Cases including Classification and Verification.



We currently have representation from: Huawei, UCL, IoTUK, Ordnance Survey, Arm Holdings plc, Beko plc, BT and IBM.


Get involved

We’d like to hear from you if your industry is affected by IoT. BSI actively seeks to bring together all those with significant interest in particular projects.

We are currently looking to engage with start-ups and SMEs across a broad range of sectors.

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