Help shape guidance and practice for CCTV users

It has been an eventful couple of years for those using surveillance camera systems, such as CCTV. In June 2013 the Government published the “Surveillance Camera Code of Practice” with 12 Guiding Principles for those considering using surveillance camera systems to monitor public spaces.

There has been a greater take up of CCTV systems, not just in public and town centre spaces but also in private premises where the public have access, such as shopping malls and leisure centres. Media reports also suggest that CCTV evidence is being used more widely in court.

The Surveillance Camera Commissioner (SCC), Tony Porter, is determined to ensure that camera systems are used to protect communities rather than spy on them. In partnership with BSI he wants to encourage best practice, raise standards and encourage compliance with the principles in the Code of Practice. 

Together we want to identify the best ways to help those organizations – both public and private - that must choose, specify, install and use CCTV in accordance with the Code. We also want to find the most effective means of providing appropriate guidance and information to those who need it.

Stakeholder workshops

Your ideas are really valuable to us so please join us for one of our free stakeholder workshops - , to share ideas and help shape the future of CCTV.

The dates and locations of our workshops are listed below. Each event will look at information (standards, training and guidance) currently available to CCTV/surveillance camera users, and explore the most effective way to structure and deliver this information.

The workshop will aim to tease out exactly what information and guidance is required by users and how it should be presented and shared (with regard to private users too) and also whether there are any gaps in existing standards and guidance.

This is your opportunity to take part in the discussion and have a hand in shaping the landscape for those with responsibility for surveillance camera systems.  

At the workshop you will:

  • Find out about the background to providing a national framework of relevant information on standards, training and guidance for specifiers and users
  • Hear from the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and the CCTV Standards Group about best practice in the area

Take part in an interactive workshop session to reflect on specific issues around decisions made to use CCTV systems that organizations face.

Cost: Free of charge, including lunch and refreshments


4th November - London (Fully booked)
10th November - Bristol (The Bristol Hotel, A member of The Doyle Collection Prince Street, Bristol, BS1 4QF)
19th November - Manchester (Palace Hotel, Oxford Street, Manchester, Gtr Manchester, M60 7HA)

Time: 10.00-15.00