10 ways you can use standards to drive new customers your way

Now that you know about standards, you can start thinking about introducing them to your business. Follow our tips to get started and to use standards to drive new customers your way.

1. Review your business

What would you like to do better? Perhaps you want to improve your customer relations, or redesign a product to make it work more effectively.

2. Identify exactly what you want to achieve

Focus closely on the results you would like to see. If it’s improved customer relations, should you be handling complaints more effectively? If it’s a better product, are you looking for product-specific improvements? Identify clearly the benefit that you want the standard to provide.

3. Assess the competition

How will you compare with competitors once you have the standard? Will you be soaring ahead or drawing level? If the latter, refine your target even further to make a real competitive difference. Do a cost-benefit analysis based on the amount of new business that you think would open up to you if you achieved the standard.

4. Think about your customers

What benefits will a standard give your customers? Will it have an implication on your pricing? If so, be sure to factor this into your plans.

5. Consider your suppliers and the rest of the supply chain

Will applying the standard improve your position within a supply chain? Will it increase your ability to work with other businesses in the chain?

6.Search for the right standard

Once you have a picture of the business benefits, find the standard that best suits your objectives. You can browse standards on the BSI Knowledge.

7. Weigh them up and make your choice

You might find more than one suitable standard that can help you meet your goals. Think about how much time and resource will be needed to implement each and how the benefits will compare. Some will require more commitment than others, but could bring greater rewards.

8. Implement your chosen standard

Follow the guidance and regularly review your progress. Celebrate your achievements as you progress.

9. Consider certification

Once your standard is fully in place, consider certification – it can make a real difference to how your firm is perceived. Complying with the standard on its own will certainly help, but certification can be additionally powerful.

10. Tell the world

Make sure your existing and potential customers know that you have achieved compliance with the standard. Look around for new business opportunities that may have opened up as a result of introducing it.

For more information browse our standards on the BSI Knowledge or call a member of the BSI team on 0345 080 9000.

Let us know your thoughts on how you can use standards to drive customers your way in the comments below