How do you ce mark your product?

In theory, it’s straightforward enough. CE marking is required by law and demonstrates that a product meets the minimum safety requirements of an EU Directive or Regulation. Certain products sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) need a CE mark to prove they conform. Manufacturers of these products may self-certify or self-declare their compliance and make sure there’s the documentary evidence to back up their claims.

In practice, though, it can be more complicated depending on the level of risk. At its most complex, CE marking requires a Notified Body ie, a body authorised by the EU, to select samples, conduct tests, regularly assess factory production control and take samples.

As a Notified Body for many Directives and Regulations, we can decode the rules. We have the knowledge you need in order to place your products on the market legally, and open doors across the EU.

If any relevant Directives or Regulations apply to you, we’ll take you through the next steps. We’ll explain what you need to do to qualify — and we’ll issue a certificate to prove you do.

CE marking is part of a portfolio of services we regularly provide for clients, so you’ll know you’re in capable hands. Plus by CE marking your products, you could be on your way to achieving a BSI Kitemark.

You will need to:

  • Identify the Directive(s) that are applicable to your product
  • Identify the conformity assessment procedure for your product and Directive
  • Determine the dates by which you must take action
  • Identify if there are any Harmonised European Standards applicable to your product
  • Ensure the product complies with all the essential requirements of the Directive(s)
  • Identify whether independent assessment of your conformity is required by a Notified Body, such as BSI
  • Maintain Technical Documentation required by the Directive(s)
  • Prepare the Declaration of Conformity and the required supporting evidence
  • Check that no other purely national requirements exist in the country where the product is to be sold
  • Contact us to arrange for testing of your product
  • If all requirements are met, you can then affix the CE mark on your product and/or packaging

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