How to differentiate your business with the BSI Kitemark


When safety matters most

When lives depend on the safety of a product or service, a BSI Kitemark will deliver real peace of mind. As a notified body, we’re trusted to test products in our laboratories against industry recognized standards. From protective eyewear, to complex respiratory equipment and fire equipment, we help manufacturers prove where safety is paramount, a product has been proven to meet the agreed high standard.

When quality matters most

From pipes to concrete and valves to ladders, we’re able to test most products. The expertize of our test engineers and technical specialists means that a product has been checked to meet optimal standards, from extremes of temperature, weathering and endurance testing to name a few.

When reliability matters most

For household and commercial gas and electrical appliances, we test everything from cookers to barbecues, fireplaces to emergency lighting, medical devices and electronic components. Resistance to heat and fire, insulation resistance, protection against electrical shock are just some of the tests we conduct at our Centres of excellence.