Can BSI test or certify my product?

You may have noticed the BSI Kitemark on manhole covers, fire extinguishers and even in your home on things such as plug sockets and your own front door – but what products do we actually test here at BSI?

Within my role as Online Customer Engagement Executive I speak to prospective and existing BSI customers on a daily basis and I am regularly asked about the types of products we certify and the testing we offer within our laboratories.

We offer specific areas of focus with industry experts for our product certification services. This allows us to be experts for specific industries and sectors and ensures we deliver the most advanced, respected and comprehensive testing on the market.


What we do and don’t test and certify

At present, we test and certify products within areas such as gas and electric, PPE, construction and cyber security. We have years of experience within these areas and can offer a range of testing services to a large variety of standards.

There are some industries which we do not currently test products for, such as clothing, children’s toys and machinery; however, you can buy the relevant standards within our BSI Shop.


What to do if we don’t currently test your product

If you have a product that you are interested in being tested, the best thing to do is to speak to us.
Our team of knowledgeable advisers can assist you through your certification journey and if it isn’t a product that we currently test, we can point you in the right direction. We also welcome suggestions for new products to be tested. As technologies and products develop, so do the testing requirements and as the market leaders we endeavour to keep ahead of the curve and offer the latest in certification services.

We also have a live chat function on our websites product certification pages, where you can quickly check with us if your product is a product BSI will test.
We are happy to discuss your products and put you in the best position to gain certification and get your product to market.

For further information, there are many resources on the BSI website which help to outline the certification services we offer and what standards we currently test against.

Speak to us to talk through your options at +44 345 080 9000 Or email:


Author: Sarah Bygrave

Online Customer Engagement Executive