Cryptographic module verification

The handling of sensitive data is, inherently, a sensitive topic. As we use and process an increasing amount of data, the risk of inappropriate access to this data is a prominent challenge for those who have access to and store this data. A new verification approach is being developed to help organizations to keep sensitive data secure.

The cryptographic module is a key building block towards digital trust, securing data through the network across a wide range of industries and applications. As demand increases rapidly, the need is also growing for a verification process that balances speed and pragmatism while addressing varying national requirements, alongside the over-arching need for trust.

Cryptographic module verification, based on the ISO 19790 standard, is an important security assessment process which reassures customers that their data is protected by a secure system of processes. This verification provides assurance from BSI that the cryptographic components of a product have been verified to meet established security standards as well as specific vendor, industry, or government security requirements. This can provide benefits such as international acceptance, interoperability with other products, and evidence of conformance to security standards and accepted security practices, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. In addition, customers can be spared the costs associated with performing a security assessment and the certification does not expire. Finally, the certification supports the development of trust between technology vendors, partners, and customers.

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