Testing for manufacturers of construction products

BSI Product Certification

Are you aware of everything we can help you with at BSI for your testing requirements? Whether you’re at the beginning of developing a brand new product, or extending its lifecycle, we have a broad range of services and expertise that will support your business goals. Here’s a quick round up of everything that we offer at our Centres of Excellence.

Indicative testing

If you’re developing a new product, you’ll want to know it will meet agreed standards for safety, reliability and quality. We provide peace of mind through indicative testing. Also known as pre-assessment, indicative testing spots non-conformities early, so that issues can be eliminated pre-launch.

Indicative testing can help:

  •  Fast-track innovations to market — and achieve first-mover advantage
  •  Avoid costly refunds and product returns
  •  Protect and enhance your reputation
  •  Reduce the risks of compliance failures in the future

Importantly, it can also be the first step on a road that leads to the award of the BSI Kitemark, a known quality symbol unique to BSI.


Like indicative testing, verification is part of our portfolio of testing and certification service. Importantly, it can also be a next step on a road that leads to the award of the BSI Kitemark, the world-famous quality symbol unique to BSI. It’s especially important if your products are self-assessed and self-declared, or when no standard exists in the marketplace and you need to find a way of ‘flagging’ your credentials to customers.  

How does it work?

We ‘interrogate’ and review companies’ technical data and information, and issue verification certificates to prove test reports are rigorous.

What’s the commercial advantage?

You can use our Verification Certificate to support procurement specifications. Endorsement by us will help you win bids and contracts — at home and overseas. Established more than 100 years ago and with 65 offices around the world, we’re a name people trust.

CE marking

In theory, it’s straightforward enough. CE marking is required by law and demonstrates that a product meets the minimum  safety requirements of an EU Directive or Regulation. Certain products sold in the European Economic Area (EEA) need a CE mark to prove they conform. Manufacturers of these products are required to self-declare their compliance and make sure there’s the documentary evidence to back up their claims.

In practice, though, it can be more complicated depending on the level of risk. At its most complex, CE marking requires a Notified Body ie, a body authorised by the EU, to select samples, conduct tests, regularly assess factory production control, take samples and issue a certificate.

As a Notified Body for many Directives and Regulations, we can decode the rules,such as the Construction Products Regulation, the PPE Regulation or the Pressure Equipment Directive . We have the knowledge clients need in order to place their products on the market legally, and open doors across the EU. Plus by CE marking products, clients are also on their way to achieving a BSI Kitemark.

Watch our video to find out more about CE marking. 

BSI Kitemark™

Unlike CE marking, which is a legal requirement, the BSI Kitemark is a voluntary mark of quality. It’s the ‘extra mile’ — a clear demonstration of commitment to best practice. It combines rigorous product testing to national or international standards with rigorous assessments of internal quality control systems.

Working in partnership with you, our teams make regular return visits. They become part of the system of continuous improvement and an invaluable external resource. And products aren’t tested once, rather they are tested annually, delivering peace of mind for you and your customers. As part of the service, our teams will also alert you to changes in standards and make sure these are reflected in the assessment of your products.

Find out more and watch our video on BSI Kitemark.

Extending the ‘shelf life’ of your products with BSI certificates

Companies sometimes worry that their BSI certificates will lapse or become invalid if their products or industry and technical standards change.

But it’s really not a problem. Our service includes ‘extension to scope’. This means we can discuss any changes with you and update certificates as necessary. Extension to scope is part of a portfolio of services designed to address the needs of your business over time.

View our suite of services.

Because we work in partnership with you and offer a tailored service, we can adapt as you do. Changes to materials, standards or components aren’t a problem. Plus because we constantly track changes to national and international standards and to the law, we can ensure certificates remain current and valid.

No standard? No problem

 You’re a forward-thinking business committed to best practice and you compete on quality not price. So what do you do if there are no existing established industry standards for your products?

The answer is talk to us. Often, we can provide special certification schemes based on technical documents from trade associations or what are known as publicly available specifications (PAS). We might also be able to combine clauses from a number of existing standards and develop a credible scheme from there. It’s all part of our commitment to a tailored, personal service and to delivering a portfolio of products that works for you.

If you would like to talk to us about any of these services, please contact +44 345 0765 606, or email our team  product.certification@bsigroup.com