Letter Plates Receive BSI Kitemark

A new BSI Kitemark has been launched to help manufacturers of letter plates and fabricators of doorsets to comply with the requirements of the UK Building Regulations and PAS 24.


PAS 24 compliance

The BSI Kitemark for Letter Plates enables manufacturers of letter plates to demonstrate compliance with TS008, which was recently revised by the Door and Hardware Federation to align with PAS 24. This in turn assists fabricators of doorsets to demonstrate compliance to the letter plate test requirements of PAS 24 and Approved Document Q (ADQ) of the UK Building Regulations. ADQ came in to force in October 2015 and specifically addresses the security of dwellings.


Reduced testing

The Kitemark offers a simple and robust demonstration of compliance with TS 008 and ADQ.  It also allows the installation of Kitemarked letter plates into PAS 24 doorsets without the need for further testing.


Industry recognition

The BSI Kitemark is recognized throughout the construction industry as a symbol of quality, safety, security and trust; the Kitemark Scheme for Letter Plates is based on the Door and Hardware Federation’s TS008 - Requirements for enhanced security and general requirements for letter plate assemblies and slide through boxes.


To find out more about the BSI Kitemark for Letter Plates, call our advisors on +44 345 0765 606 or email product.certification@bsigroup.com.