BIM event: "What’s expected of me in the supply chain?"

We were delighted to host a special event recently for BAM Construct UK, Skanska UK and the Supply Chain Sustainability School, to help companies understand what is expected of them in connection with their involvement and delivery of BIM as supply chain partners.


Mark Taylor and David Throssell present at BIM Supply Chain event


David Throssell, BIM Digital Engineering Operations Manager from Skanska UK, Mark Taylor, Digital Construction Manager, BAM Construct UK, Alex Giles, Consultant, Action Sustainability and Rob Hine, BSI’s Head of Commercial Engagement, all took part in a series of presentations and dedicated workshop.  All involved see the importance of engaging with the Supply Chain in order to encourage greater understanding and adoption of BIM. The event was well received and all involved were delighted to see such a high level of interest and engagement.


Participants at BAM & Skanska Supply Chain event


Alex Giles, Consultant, Supply Chain Sustainability School commented, "this event was a great opportunity to road test our upcoming BIM supply chain maturity matrix for the Supply Chain Sustainability School. It was great to work with BAM, Skanska and BSI to send a clear, supportive and collaborative message to the supply chain."

Participants also commented that it was "great to see the industry is looking at the supply chain" and it provided "informative insight into the great work of sustainability school."


Rob Hine, BSI’s Head of Commercial Engagement, walks through BSI’s training and certification solutions for BIM Design and Construction.