The BSI group of companies


28 November 2002

The BSI Group

The BSI Group includes one of the world's most innovative national standards organisations, along with a number of complementary businesses.

These businesses are global leaders in facilitating efficient international trade and best practice.

Active in more than 100 countries, the combined skills of BSI help to shape the future of society:
* Improving product quality
* Encouraging the development of efficient management practices
* Assisting international trade
* Reducing risks in business and society in general
* Establishing and harmonizing standards
* Providing business information, training and advice

All parts of the BSI Group are ambitious for themselves and their clients, helping them achieve their business goals and establish market advantage.

BSI is committed to continuous improvement to deliver better business performance worldwide.

Since its formation in 1901, BSI's innovative work has had an enduring impact.

By working to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of industry and business, BSI helps achieve a better quality of life.

BSI continues to shape the future, working to help society find better ways to work and live.

Wilma Tulloch on +44 (0)20 8996 6330 OR
Marc Edney on +44 (0)20 8996 6330