Plumbing and heating certification

Plumbing and Heating

BSI offers a range of services covering a multitude of products in the plumbing and heating arena. From copper cylinders to draining taps, from radiators through to thermal insulation products. Our full testing and certification services cover products such as copper pipes and cylinders,radiators and radiator valves, plumbing fittings (copper and copper alloys) and float operated valves to name a few.

BSI is a key player in the Radiator Mutual Acceptance of Certifications (RADMAC) scheme. The RADMAC scheme is an initiative between national certification bodies for manufacturers of domestic radiators to EN 442. Licensees who hold certification marks to EN 442 may benefit from the scheme.

Our full testing and certification services cover products such as

  • Copper pipes
  • Clay pipes
  • Cast iron pipes
  • Ductile iron pipes
  • Copper cylinders
  • Radiators and radiator valves
  • Plumbing fittings (copper and copper alloys)
  • Float operated valves

Combination boilers
There are specific requirements for the operation of domestic hot water combination boilers of nominal heat input not exceeding 70 kW for boilers, hot water boilers, gas-powered devices, hot-water central heating, central heating, hot-water supply systems, water supply.

Boilers are tested by BSI for temperature, domestic safety, fitness for purpose, leak tests, pressure testing, performance testing, thermal insulation, marking, instructions for use and energy conservation.

Copper cylinders
Copper indirect cylinders for domestic purposes such as single feed indirect cylinders, hot-water

cylinders, water storage cisterns, domestic and copper are tested for indirect hot-water supply, dimensions, volume, thickness, pipe connections, screwed fittings, position, size, grades (quality), dome shape, design, marking, test pressure, curvature, water heaters, performance testing, heat loss, thermal testing and leakage. Copper indirect cylinders for domestic purposes such as open-vented copper cylinders are tested for direct hot-water supply, indirect hot-water supply,
copper, volume, dimensions, performance testing, heat loss,thermal testing and copper alloys.

Hot water storage tanks
Hot water tanks help to keep heated water hot, in the most energy efficient way. That is why we test them for heat loss, design and performance. Copper tubes used in plumbing applications such as central heating or water pipes that can be used in industrial applications, pipe fittings, fluid equipment, compression fittings, copper, copper alloys, are tested for diameter, size, design, thickness, performance, pressure, marking.

Draining taps
Kitemark covers ½ and ¾ nominal size copper alloy bodied taps for draining down hot and cold water installations and heating systems.

Ventilation products
Powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators.

Insulation materials - (lofts, walls and floors in buildings)
Energy efficiency is high on the priority list of many buildings both old and new these days. Homeowners and construction companies alike are ensuring roof spaces and wall cavities are

filled with thermal insulation to keep heat in and so reduce their carbon emissions.

BSI is a certified test lab for the testing of thermal insulating mineral wool products under BS EN 13162 as well as offering BSI Kitemark certification for this standard. Not only do we test these products for their thermal conductivity, but also fire performance to ensure they don’t increase risk in a fire situation.

Water tank insulating jackets help to keep heated water hot, in the most energy efficient way. That is why BSI test these jackets for for heat loss, design, performance testing, marking and thermal insulating properties.


BS EN 677:1998
Gas-fired central heating boilers

BS EN 483:1999
Gas-fired central heating boilers

BS EN 625:1996
Gas-fired central heating boilers

BS EN 297:1994
Gas fired central heating boilers

BS EN 303:1999
Heating boilers with forced draught burners

BS EN 60335 & EN 1151
Stationary circulation pumps for heating and service water installations

BS 7838:1996
Corrugated stainless steel semi-rigid pipe and associated fittings for low-pressure gas pipe work of up to 50mm

PAS 010
Condensing boilers with pre-mixed burners

BS 699:1984
Copper direct cylinders for domestic purposes

BS 1566–1 & BS 1566-2
Copper cylinders for domestic purposes, double and single feed indirect cylinders

BS 3198:1981
Copper hot water storage combination units for domestic purposes

BS EN 1057:2006
Copper & copper alloy tubes for water and gas in sanitary and heating applications

BS EN 13348:2008
Copper & copper alloy seamless round copper tubes for medical gases or vacuum

BS EN 1254:1998
Copper & copper alloys plumbing fittings

BS 143, BS 1256 & BS EN 10242
Malleable cast iron and cast copper alloy threaded pipe fittings

BS EN 442-1, BS EN 442-2, BS EN 442-3
Specification for radiators and convertors RADMAC

EN 12101-3:2003
CE marking of smoke and heat control systems. Specification for powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators

BS EN 1856-1:2003
Metal chimneys – system chimney products, metal liners and connection flue pipes

BS 7350:1990
Double regulating globe valves and flow measurement devices for heating and chilled water systems

BS 2879:1990
Specification for draining taps (screw-down pattern)