BSI launches the first hydrogen fired gas appliances guide, helping to bring zero-carbon heating and cooking appliances to homes and commercial buildings

15th May 2020

The first guide for hydrogen fired gas appliances is unveiled as part of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) Hy4Heat Research and Innovation Programme

BSI, in its role as the UK’s National Standards Body, has released PAS 4444 Hydrogen fired gas appliances – Guide to help enable the possible transition from natural gas to hydrogen for cooking and heating in the UK, in support of UK’s ambitious energy decarbonisation targets*.

It is the first fast-tracked standardization document, known as a Publicly Available Specification (PAS), to provide guidance on the development and construction of hydrogen-fired gas appliances, which are either purpose-built to use hydrogen or are designed to be converted to use hydrogen.

It sets out principles on functionality safety, installation, operating and servicing requirements for their hydrogen-fuelled and hydrogen and natural gas dual-fuelled or converted appliances, including boilers, cookers and fires. It details the functional appliance specification, including demonstration of safety and worst case conditions along with limit-setting of hydrogen supply pressures and voltages.

The guide can be used by appliance manufacturers of hydrogen fired gas appliances within the scope of the Gas Appliance Regulations, manufacturers of conventional 2nd family gas appliances that might be converted to hydrogen at some date in the future and Notified Bodies.

These guidelines have been produced by a steering group** made-up of organizations from the UK hydrogen and appliances eco-system. It has been developed in support of Work Package 3 of the Hy4Heat Innovation Programme, funded by the BEIS. Hy4Heat is establishing if it’s technically possible, safe and convenient to replace natural gas with hydrogen in residential and commercial buildings and gas appliances.

Scott Steedman, Director-General, Standards at BSI said: “The government funded Hy4Heat programme has been pioneering research and development of new household appliances that will contribute to the UK’s decarbonization ambitions by enabling the transformation of the energy system. As part of the Hy4Heat programme we are pleased to have released PAS 4444, a new standard developed with industry experts and other stakeholders, which could support a transition from natural gas to hydrogen for cooking and heating in the UK.”

Hy4Heat Programme Manager, Heidi Genoni, added: “PAS 4444 is an important milestone in the Hy4Heat programme and provides great clarity to the industry when working to develop, test and certify appliances for use with hydrogen gas. Appliance developers, as part of the programme, will shortly be delivering prototype boilers cookers and fires, similar to today’s natural gas ones, that we aim to exhibit and demonstrate later in the year.”

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**Steering group members

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Hy4Heat WP4, Sarem Consulting, Intertek, CPIN, Leeds University, Viessman, Enertek, ABCB, Gazco, Focalpoint Fires, BAXI UK, Bosch, HHIC, IGEM, CESA, KIWA Gastech, BSRIA