BSI signs deal with Japanese Standards Associations

BSI, the UK National Standards Body appointed by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, has signed an agreement with the Japanese Standards Association (JSA) today. This Memorandum of Understanding will increase collaboration between BSI and Japan, to further economic ties between the two nations. The agreement builds on extensive engagement between BSI and Japan, complementing agreements signed between BSI and the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee in December 2004 and re-signed in March 2017.

Under the agreement, BSI and JSA will regularly exchange views and information to support standardization activities and programmes, to share knowledge and best practice. BSI and JSA will work together bilaterally and in support of international standardization and closely cooperate in areas of standardization to accelerate innovation in priority areas. This will support the growth of emerging technologies utilising standardization.

The initial area of focus will be in the area of the sharing economy, where BSI and JSA are currently working together. Additional specific projects for implementation will be agreed between the two organizations.

Dr Scott Steedman, Director-General of Standards at BSI said, “The UK and Japan have a very strong bilateral economic relationship; over 1,000 Japanese firms have established business operations in the UK and over 450 UK firms have established operations in Japan. The UK and Japan share highly developed economies, and this agreement will support innovation in strategically important areas, demonstrating global leadership and establishing future trade and investment opportunities. The UK and Japan also share similar challenges including ageing populations, an area where standard can play a role to deliver solutions that benefit all.”

Mr. Toshio Ibi, President of JSA said, “Our societies are facing a number of challenges, including reliable use of information technologies with added values, securing safety and ageing societies. I believe that we can and should manage those challenges from global perspectives. Globally applicable standards can provide us with solutions to those challenges, and thus, JSA and BSI can contribute in this respect through cooperation and collaboration in standardization activities. I hope the relationship between JSA and BSI will be further prosperous for the future of our societies.”

BSI and JSA will meet at least once a year to discuss new areas of collaborations and review progress of on-going collaboration.