Responsible sourcing schemes in the construction sector


3 July 2009

BSI welcomes all comments on Draft BS 8902 Responsible sourcing sector certification schemes for construction products – Specification.

The draft standard is aimed at organizations wishing to certify the responsible sourcing and supply of construction products. It provides the framework for the development of such a certification scheme including the requirements for its management, development, content and operation.

Requirements include the establishment of a council to manage and progress the scheme, which shall include balanced representation of both procurers and clients and operate a process of stakeholder engagement. Under the draft standard, the council is required to set relevant social, economic and environmental objectives which might cover subjects such as waste management, workers conditions or long-term financial viability.

Draft BS 8902 has been drafted in the spirit of BS 8900 Guidance for managing sustainable development and is designed to be compatible with BS 8900.

Comments on the draft standard are welcomed from all interested parties. The draft standard is available for review until 31 July 2009 at