Getting started with BS 10012 Personal Information Management

Introduce BS 10012 to your business and ensure information on individuals is properly protected, helping to safeguard your reputation and ensure the success of your organization.

What is a BS 10012 Personal Information Management System?

Every organization that processes personal information should set out to protect the privacy of the people it affects. And BS 10012 can help. It covers areas such as employee security awareness training, risk assessments, data retention and disposal, helping you to put in place policies and procedures to enable the effective management of personal information on individuals.

BS 10012 provides a framework for a Personal Information Management System, helping you to maintain and improve compliance with data protection legislation, among other things.

What are the benefits of BS 10012 Personal Information Management System?

Easily integrated with other popular management system standards, BS 10012 brings big benefits to companies of all sizes. Confidence, reassurance and more business can come with an BS 10012 Personal Information Management System as more customers require you to demonstrate your compliance with data protection legislation. It helps you:

  • Identify risks to personal information and put controls in place to manage or reduce them
  • Demonstrate compliance with data protection legislation and gain preferred supplier status
  • Gain stakeholder and customer trust
  • Gain a tender advantage and win new business
  • Safeguard your organizations reputation and avoid adverse publicity
  • Protect you and your organization against civil and criminal liability
  • Benchmark your own personal information management practices with recognized best practice

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