BSI responds to ministerial speeches on Brexit

David Davis and Greg Clark spoke earlier this week (20 February) about the UK’s desire for UK-EU trade post-Brexit to remain “as frictionless as possible” and commented on the important role that industry standards will continue to play in the economy after the UK leaves the EU. 

Business Secretary Greg Clark said, “We want to keep the UK experts influential in international and European standards organizations”, noting that “taking back control should not mean giving up our influence”. His words built on the statements by Brexit Secretary David Davis that his post-Brexit vision “will mean continuing to work with other European countries to drive new standards”.

BSI’s Director-General,Standards, Scott Steedman, welcomed both comments saying, “This emphasizes the need for BSI’s continued full membership of the European Standards Organizations after 29 March 2019. It reflects the importance of industry standards for UK businesses and for the UK’s future trade relationship both with the EU and with new trade partners”. He repeated the call made recently by BSI along with national business stakeholders, saying, “In order to remove the ‘unnecessary barriers’ referred to by David Davis, I encourage UK government to make a clear commitment to performance-based regulation supported by consensus national standards as a model for the UK post-Brexit.”

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