Airbus in the UK is first aerospace company to gain BS 25999

Press release - 6 July 2010

Airbus in the UK has achieved certification to the Business Continuity Management Standard, BS 25999, following an audit from BSI. The certification is for its wing manufacturing site in Broughton, North Wales. Airbus is the first aerospace manufacturing company to receive this standard through BSI.

Dave Micklewright, Airbus’ Head of Facility Management, says: "Airbus’ BS 25999 certification proves that the organization has effective processes in place to minimize exposure during external disruptive events and thus assures continued business operations at all times. These processes take into account all aspects of the business including people, premises, suppliers and assets." He adds: "This business continuity management award also serves as a means to benchmark our performance and systems."

As part of the process, Airbus also developed a bespoke data management system called R!SK INDEX. The tool was classed as best practice by BSI’s auditors and provides an innovative solution to Business Continuity Management.

"R!SK INDEX is a straightforward plug-and-play management system which can be implemented seamlessly in all business areas,” says Micklewright. “The tool is readily available and is now used to monitor external business continuity plans from within our own supply chain."

"By certifying to BS25999, organizations such as Airbus can demonstrate that they are taking business continuity seriously which reflects favourably on them to their customers," says Andrew Morris, Business Development Director for BSI EMEA. “Business continuity is not a luxury but a necessity and an established part of the UK’s preparations for possible disruptions to business."