Building Businesses with ISO 9001:2000


2 February 2004

BSI Group has produced a way for business to build on the success of implementation of the quality management system standard, ISO 9001:2000.

Beyond Registration is a practical book for all organisations seeking continuous improvement and will be particularly relevant to enterprises that have registered to ISO 9001:2000. It will help organisations enhance their performance and demonstrates how quality management systems provide support to and are consistent with recognised business improvement models and approaches such as Six Sigma and TQM.

A quality management system should ensure consistency and improvement of working practices, which in turn should provide products and services that meet customers' requirements. ISO 9001:2000 is the most commonly used international standard that provides a framework for an effective quality management system.

Charles Pertwee at BSI says: "A quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 provides a set of processes that ensure a commonsensical and pragmatic approach to customer and supplier operations. Because many organisations need to understand and manage complex supply chains or react to developments with international trading they need appropriate business improvement tools - and this is the subject of this book. If a company is serious about world-class performance but doesn't know how to go about it, then Beyond Registration is a starting point."

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Notes to editors:

Beyond Registration

Steven Tanner, European Centre for Business Excellence, with Mike Bailey and Charles Pertwee, BSI


Part 1 discusses the Baldrige and EFQM Excellence Models?. ISO 9001 can be the starting point for the journey towards world-class performance. It provides the platform for taking the organisation forward by achieving control over leadership, customer focus and continuous improvement. Comparison tables show how the Baldrige and EFQM Excellence Models? build on the foundations laid by ISO 9001 and indicate potential areas for improvement once registration to ISO 9001 has been achieved.

Part 2 describes leading business improvement approaches and shows how they can deliver improvement. The application, background, principles and methods of each approach are covered, and the relationship with ISO 9001 shown. BSI ref: BIP 2020   ISBN: 0 580 42589 4   120 pages   £25.00

ISO 9001:2000

The International Organisation for Standards (ISO) regularly updates all standards. ISO 9001:2000 was created after feedback from UK business illustrated the shortcomings of the old standard, introduced in 1994. ISO 9001:2000 has three distinct new benefits:

  • less red tape - companies will find it easier to show that they meet the requirements of the updated standard
  • focus on customer satisfaction - the updated standard helps companies ensure that customer satisfaction is central to their operation, making them more competitive
  • more flexible - the updated standard is more flexible, enabling companies to run quality management systems the way that is most relevant to them

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