BSI Inspectorate Appoints New Precious Metal Experts

Press release: 11th December 2003

BSI Group's Inspectorate division today announced the appointments of John Thomashefski and Paul Blumberg to the precious metal laboratories in Nevada. As technical director, John will be responsible for all technical and administrative aspects of the laboratory. Paul is promoted to group research and development chemist.

Both appointments are crucial new roles. John ensures that testing is conducted in the correct way and with the right expertise. Paul is aiming to develop new processes to better meet customer requirements. Key goals include faster analysis, even tighter accuracy and more environmentally friendly procedures.

John explains: "Obviously, the purity and quality of precious metals are extremely important to all involved in this industry; right through to the consumers that buy the resulting goods. It is my job to ensure that standards are maintained and the honest trade of these materials can continue for all to benefit."

Highly qualified and technically minded

Commenting on their appointment, managing director of Inspectorate, Chris Fenton, says: "Although both are highly qualified and technically minded they are also able to explain complex processes in layman's terms, which benefits not only their colleagues but our customers too. They should make excellent representative for Inspectorate.

"Paul is not only aiming to improve environmental measures but also speed up the inspection and testing turn around times for our clients. This is extremely important because often our work needs to be complete before the client can achieve financial settlement. "

John will report to vice president of metal and minerals, Andy Roberts. Commenting on his appointment, Andy says "I've personally known John for at least 15 years and look forward to working with him in expanding our business and services. He's known Paul Blumberg, for at least as many years and the two of them will make a great team."

John has over 27 years experience in the precious metal industry and has been an IPMI member for the majority of that time. His background is primarily in the analytical laboratory but his experience also covers refining and client representation, which ensures that consignments are of the correct quantity and quality.