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Foundations of Organizational Resilience Training Course

Foundations of Organizational Resilience Training Course

Level Understanding Duration 2 days
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Are you a manager with an interest in the long term success of your business? If so, this course will enable you to explore the key factors that are critical to building resilience into your organization.

The principles of this course are underpinned by published standards including Organizational Resilience (BS 65000) which was developed in consultation with industry leaders. Drawing together a vast wealth of expertise and knowledge, the course will challenge you to look at four key themes – leadership, people, processes and products – to understand where and how you can continually strive for excellence.

An organizational resilience approach will encourage you to look beyond risk management towards a more holistic view of your business health and success. A resilient organization should not only survive over the long term, but should also flourish – passing the test of time.

How will you benefit?

This course will help you:

  • Take a proactive approach to exploring and adapting to change
  • Embed the drive for excellence throughout your organization
  • Recognize the importance of culture to the success of your business
  • Take a long term view of business success and risk factors
  • Explain the principles of organizational resilience to your senior leadership team and the wider organization - and the reasoning behind areas for focus and attention
  • You will learn to:

    • Explain Organizational Resilience
    • Identify the 16 key elements that define a resilient organization, and appreciate how they can be prioritized in the context of your business
    • Determine practical implementation techniques to help you embed resilient principles
    • Recognize combinations of circumstances and issues that can be catalysts for failure or success
    • Use the BSI Online Benchmark Assessment tool to assess your organization against the 16 key elements of resilience
  • Senior or mid-level managers with responsibility for building resilience within their organization

    • Briefing notes will be provided
    • During the course you will have access to one of our world class tutors
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