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Standards Services

Build your brand leadership, tackle a complex challenge, or meet an industry need, by discovering, shaping and leveraging consensus-based standards.

Inspire trust by developing and leveraging standards

Agreeing and applying good practice is central to fostering trust. We help you throughout the journey by facilitating collaboration and applying proven tools and methodologies.

You can build your capacity and knowledge by using our international industry networks, deep standards expertise, and services.

We enable you to boost confidence throughout the market, innovate, support sustainable outcomes, and protect the common good.

Working internationally, we support developing economies to maximise international trade and strengthen national quality infrastructure to accelerate progress.

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Strategic Programmes

End to end management, accelerating innovation through standardization

Standards are key to building trust in new approaches and markets. But, sometimes it's hard to work out where to start and how to go forward.

We provide support to partners, connecting stakeholders, researching and agreeing priorities for consensus-based best practice. Then develop and make available new standards, enabling organizations to get involved at any point.

Standards Services

Solutions for your organization's most critical challenges

If you want to develop a new standard, discover exactly which ones impact you, or shape standards-based strategies, our services are designed for you.

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Enhance your organization's operations, accelerate sustainable growth and help shape your industry's future with our standards services.

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