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Bridging Sustainability and Digitalization

Essential for organizations committed to sustainable practices and those leveraging digitalization to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Discover the powerful intersection of digital innovation and sustainability

Whether you're actively shaping a sustainability roadmap or harnessing digital transformation for sustainable outcomes, this webinar is your compass.

  • Insights into the symbiotic relationship between sustainability and competitiveness.

  • Understanding of how digitalization can amplify sustainable operations.

  • Vision for creating societal value through the alignment of digital and sustainability strategies.

  • Knowledge of the pivotal standards underpinning successful digitalization initiatives.

  • Practical strategies for developing sustainability frameworks rooted in digitalization.



  • David Pugh, Head of Sustainability, Digital Catapult

    David’s focus is supporting industries in making activities more sustainable, designing for a circular economy and developing new business models.

  • Maria Nelson, Head of Innovation & Sustainability

    A sustainability leader at the Aerospace Technology Institute, Dr Maria Nelson is passionate about fostering purposeful collaborations for innovation.

  • David Cuckow, Associate Director, Digital, BSI

    David is responsible for the UK National Standards Body’s global strategy on all things digital, supporting cross-sector industries and stakeholders.

  • Sebastiaan Van Dort, Associate Director, Energy, BSI

    Sebastiaan has over 15 years of experience within the low-carbon industry, working on key policies and collaborating on sustainability initiatives.

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Harmonizing digital innovation and sustainability

We'll show you how blending technology and digital governance can enhance your sustainability strategy.

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