PAS 181 Smart city - Framework

This PAS establishes a good practice framework for city leaders to develop, agree and deliver smart city strategies that can help transform their city’s ability to meet its future challenges and deliver its future aspirations.

The smart city framework (SCF) distils current good practices into a set of consistent and repeatable patterns that city leaders can use to help develop and deliver their own smart city strategies.

PAS 181 Smart city framework. Guide to establishing strategies for smart cities and communities does not intend to describe a one-size-fits-all model for the future of UK cities. Instead it focuses on the enabling processes by which the innovative use of technology and data, together with organizational change, can help deliver the diverse visions for future UK cities in more efficient, effective and sustainable ways.

Although many of the principles and methodologies recommended by the SCF are relevant within specific vertical sectors of cities, the focus is very much on the issues and challenges involved in joining all of these up into a whole-city approach. Central to the SCF is a strong emphasis on leadership and governance, culture, business model innovation, and the active role played by all stakeholders in the creation, delivery and use of city spaces and services.