Automotive glass testing

Automotive glass testing

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Quality. Safety. Trust.

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Automotive glass testing
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Automotive glass testing to ECE R43

Are you looking for automotive testing services and certification for products of roads and vehicles? Our dedicated laboratory offers innovative and efficient testing/certification solutions, saving you both time and money. We can help you gain a competitive advantage and attract new business by matching your innovation in manufacturing with the innovation and trust that comes with the BSI Kitemark. 

Our comprehensive range of vehicle glass testing and certification services can bring you complete peace of mind, whether you manufacture transport glass, are an OEM, or are looking to source quality products. Our modern test facilities offer an assessment of these products to both British and European test methods and we can also conduct off-site testing when appropriate.


Testing Capabilities

We are the only UK-based laboratory that is approved by VCA to carry automotive testing services for glass and certify against E11*.

Our laboratory tests glazing products against the requirements of ECE regulation 43. This includes windscreens, other windows, or as partitions in motor vehicles and trailers.

In order to meet these specific requirements, we test for:

  • Head impact
  • Optical distortion
  • Secondary Image separation
  • Light transmission levels
  • Mechanical impact testing
  • Resistance to the environment
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to chemicals (Plastics only)
  • Flammability (Plastics only)
  • Accelerated weathering (Plastics only)


We can also certify automotive glass -in the following countries:

  • America Z26.1 ANSI (FMVSS- 205)/DOT
  • Taiwan Reg 25-1, 25-2


*Our BSI VCA E11 covers the following countries

Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, Serbia, United Kingdom, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Greece, Ireland, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Belarus, Estonia, Republic of Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Latvia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Turkey, Azerbaijan, North Macedonia, European Union, Japan, Australia, Ukraine, South Africa, New Zealand, Cyprus, Malta, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Albania, Armenia, Montenegro, San Marino, Tunisia, Georgia, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan.