Building quality

“Continuous and sustained improvement is achievable if we focus all our efforts on delivering the value that our customers need, and if we are prepared to challenge the waste and poor quality arising from our existing structures and working practices.” Sir John Egan, Report of the Construction Task Force

The best-know quality management system

The high risk involved in construction projects makes quality assurance of the utmost importance. A built-in quality assurance system is vital to avoid inefficiencies that could result in delivering poor quality products or services to your customers. ISO 9001 is a globally recognized certification, which supports your business in delivering high quality products and services, giving confidence to your customers and other stakeholders – irrespective of the size of your business. 

  • ISO 9001 helps you streamline your procurement and business processes
  • ISO 9001 training teaches you how to be the best in quality management, optimizing business processes and prioritizing actions that lead to continual improvement
  • Entropy Software helps you monitor performance and maximise opportunities for improvement.

The most-trusted quality mark

We can help you go a step further and show the quality of your products with the BSI Kitemark. This globally recognized symbol of quality, safety and trust sends a clear message about your commitment to quality and is so highly regarded that many local and county councils, architects, utility companies and project managers specify the use of Kitemark products at the outset.