Building business success

The outlook in the construction industry is optimistic. With support from the UK government, the building industry may even have the potential to stimulate the economy and play a leading role in delivering growth*. Make sure you’re well placed to build your own business success in this improving environment by dealing with the following business challenges:

Show compliance

Legislation across the construction industry requires you to show that your products meet required standards, such as  managing workplace health and safety and  addressing your impact on the environment. Our standards and training can help you show compliance, reducing your chances of legal action and boosting your productivity:

Win tenders

As demand increases, so should the number of tender opportunities – but tendering has become much more complex and you may struggle with their prescriptive frameworks. We can help you respond to requirements and boost your chances to win new projects, either directly as a construction business or as part of a supply chain.

Streamlining procurement

Procurement is often the first point where contractor and client engagement breaks down**. An essential part of any project, internal struggles and external impacts can arise from a complex procurement process. Our standards and related training courses help you address these challenges and build your business success:

Find out how we created BIS specification to help the construction industry 


*Construction Skills Network Blueprint for Construction 2013-2017

** Source: