Electrical testing and certification

Electrical and electronic items are rigorously controlled to ensure that they meet worldwide standards of safety, reliability and compatibility with other equipment.  BSI has an extensive team based around the world particularly in the Far East, to test and certify equipment.

BSI currently support the Electrical/Electronic Industry with the following dedicated testing facilities:

  • IT equipment
  • Lighting technology
  • Controls and wiring accessories
  • Electronic components
  • Brown goods
  • Medical equipment
  • Electrical cables
  • EMC
  • Environmental 

The following is an overview of some of the services offered for the electrical and electronic business sectors.

CE marking as a Notified Body for the Low Voltage Directive and the Machinery Equipment Directive.   BSI can offer support for CE marking for many electrical and electronic products.  

In cases where Notified body involvement is not required for CE marking BSI are able to offer Third Party Type Testing in support of any manufacturers claims as well as a comprehensive technical file assessment service.

Our UKAS accredited EMC facility has supported the electrical/electronics business sector for over 10 years and our highly skilled staff and modern equipment can be hired by the hour for development work.

Environmental testing is also well support at our Hemel Hempstead site with IP testing, climatic, temperature and vibration testing all available in our excellent Environmental laboratory.

Kitemark certification schemes are available for selected products and reports from other test organisations can be taken into consideration to achieve this prestigious quality mark.

BSI can test a product in our accredited laboratory and if the product complies with the requirements of the IEC standard applied a CB report can be issued. This CB (Certification Board) report with an accompanying certificate may then be submitted to another National Certification Board who in turn may issue its own national certification mark through a  simplified procedure.

BSI is a signatory to the CENELEC Certification Agreement. The CCA scheme offers mutual recognition between European certification bodies for testing and ongoing product/factory surveillance of electrical and electronic products. This agreement is accepted throughout the EC, EFTA and much of Eastern Europe.

The ENEC mark for electrical/electronic products is also available from BSI to complement the Kitemark® if required or as a stand-alone certification depending on your market requirements.