Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

As an appointed Notified Body, BSI is qualified to offer the full range of PED Quality Assurance Certification or product inspection/surveillance to permit you to affix the CE marking to your pressure equipment.  The PED encompasses design verification, material selection, manufacturing/fabrication practices and qualification, product testing, product marking and user instruction compilation.

How do I comply with the PED?

The PED offers manufacturers of pressure equipment 14 different conformity assessment options which permit the pressure equipment manufacturer to demonstrate compliance by variants on Quality Assurance, Direct Inspection or Surveillance of Testing offered by the Notified Body.

Companies already ISO 9000 compliant can take advantage of their current quality systems and use this as a foundation to satisfy the Essential Safety Requirements of the PED. If the manufacturer has not been formally accredited to the ISO 9000 series, BSI can offer Notified Body services under the PED QA approaches.

As an alternative, the PED permits direct Notified Body inspection/surveillance of pressure equipment to demonstrate compliance, for which BSI can offer full inspection services.

BSI can also offer: 

  • Assistance with technical file preparation
  • PED compliant quality system preparation
  • Gap analysis visits.
  • Welding procedure qualification to ASME IX and/or BS EN ISO 15614 and welder qualification to ASME IX and/or BS EN 287
  • Brazing procedure qualification to both ASME IX and BS EN 13134 and brazer qualification to both ASME IX and BS EN 13133
  • Particular Material Appraisal approval to Annex 1 section 4.2b
  • Specially arranged training courses and seminars
The benefits of using BSI:
  • A complete compliance service on products including design assessment (modules B/B1), from fire extinguishers to major industrial installations.
  • An expert and dedicated PED team to support you through every step of the certification process.
  • BSI's experience helps you achieve PED compliance with minimal or no interruption to production, inspections/audits and consideration to keeping your costs down. 

Why choose BSI for product certification

As a notified body, we are trusted all over the world to ensure that products and devices meet the a variety of product certification directives and schemes.

  • Experience - BSI is one of the world’s most respected and comprehensive Notified Bodies with unrivalled expertise and experience in helping its customers through these often complex processes.
  • Accessible & ready – our dedicated team is ready and waiting to help you comply with your chosen product certification needs
  • Speed to market – our specialist expertise means that BSI can deliver one of the fastest speed-to-market services available giving you the advantage and head start over your competitors.
  • Access to markets - as a global organisation, BSI can help you gain access to markets and business streams around the world through its network of over 50 global offices and 120 international markets.