Red Team

Red Team and CREST Simulated Target Attack and Response (STAR) testing

A Red Team provides penetration testing and attack simulation using the Techniques, Tactics and Procedures (TTPs) of advanced and sophisticated attackers. It is also known as simulated targeted attacks or advanced threat simulation.

Why engage Red Team services?

The objectives of Red Team engagements focus on identifying threats to the critical data from your wider business rather than being confined to a specific subset of systems. We tailor interactions to your organization and the specific threats faced within your sector. 

Unlike standard penetration testing, a Red Team also allows internal incident response teams to assess their capabilities and processes in a controlled and managed way.

Depending on the scenarios and threat actors being simulated, Red Team testing can include a variety of attack methods such as spear phishing, insider threats, watering hole, media dead drops, physical, and telephone social engineering.